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The Voida clan has, during ancient times, achieved a lifelong blood relation to the Dragon Clan. Having lived through years of change, they have become the only remnants of the past. The Voida clan's skills are mystically vast, holding control over time and space, light and darkness. During battle, they can make use of these skills to produce a great deal of mysterious changes. The Voida Clan has, within the space between Heaven and Earth, formed all kinds of tools with eruptive power alongside a flexibility in their skill tactics. The Voida clan has from this, established within the Emperor Clan, an honorable position.

The Voida clan's forte is in long-ranged and group attacks. They utilize a series of skills that can change themselves entirely into light or dark states. The ultimate Dark skill has the ability to extract the soul out of the target, completely forcing them to abandon their will to fight. While the ultimate Light skill has the Voida become an embodiment of the sun, mercilessly sending all nearby enemies into oblivion. The Voida are inborn with the ability to call upon Spirits to guard themselves. Higher level Voida can have these Retaliation Spirits reside around, keeping watch over attacks. The Spirits defend against everything that comes their way.


Playing as a Voida member of the Athan immortals, the key mechanic to understand is their Light and Dark continuum, and the Dawn/Dusk states that they can enter into. As you cast certain skills, you’ll build your way up until you can unleash a barrage of attack skills, sustained as long as you can keep casting.

The Voida have mastered the power of Light and Dark, and casting certain skills will move them closer to one of the two extremes. If you reach 100 points in either, you can enter a Dawn or Dusk state, where your main attack skills will have their cooldowns decreased: Dawn and Dusk is the act of being able to hit 1, 2, 3, 4, rinse, and repeat until the target is dead. Your Light/Dark points will drop every second, though, so make sure to keep building them back up.

The Voida are about managing your burst through careful skill and Tome choices. If you choose skills thoughtlessly, your Dawn/Dusk states will be short and barely scratch your enemy; with some planning, though, every skill will combo into another effect, and you’ll be able to sustain Dawn or Dusk indefinitely.

So how exactly do the Voida play out? Start off by spamming the tier 1 Dark/Light builders – we’ll say you’re focusing on Light, so you’re using Earthly Nirvana. Once you’ve got your target’s attention, you summon three retaliation spirits with Infinite Dawn. Your enemy’s attacks trigger them, and although they don’t reduce the damage any, they consume themselves to hit back.

Now, if you had 100 Light points as you transition to Tier 2, you could enter Dawn state with Origin of Dawn – not just yet, though. Instead, you cast Heavenly Survival, which also triggers a line-of-attack secondary skill, Clean Air. As with most Light attack skills, their damage scales off your Max Spirit (make friends with a Jadeon). Dark skills tend to trade damage for debuffs.

By this point, you’ve got a good feel for how Voida skills chain with each other, some skills serving as targeting lasers for follow-up skills. So when you start summoning retaliation spirits, giant beasts and damaging auras, it’s all part of the plan. Maybe you shifted into the Dawn state earlier, but that doesn’t matter: With Last Judgment, you can instantly go into Dawn again, no need to have 100 Light points. Just trade off between two or three T3/T4 powers, and you’re regenerating plenty of Light points to keep this going all day.

As with any faction, there are a couple obvious counters that you’ll want to defend against. Silence RES is a must with the Voida, because one well-timed Silence can stall you for long enough for your Dawn/Dusk to run out.

In addition, a number of the Voida’s supplemental skills are summons, and these have a tendency to miss. You’ll want to focus on some accuracy.

You’re also going to be limited, much like a Modo, in that you need to specialize to get the most from the Dawn and Dusk states. Energy builders grant their rank in Light/Dark points, so Dawn/Dusk will be further away if you split your ranks. Use the Supreme tome section if you choose to balance Light and Dark – there are specific bonuses for committing to balance.




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