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The Arden were originally handcrafted by the Goddess Nuwa to provide artistry and culture to the denizens of the Immortal realm.

Combining the elegance and grace of the best of mankind with the agility and enhanced perception of the animal kingdom, the Arden were quickly recognized for more than their cultural contributions. Commanded to join the Balo on the mission to the Mortal realm, the Arden are standout servants with their enhanced dexterity, accuracy and senses.

The Arden are masters of the bow. Their connection to nature allows them to transform into a fox to run like the wind, as well as summon natural beasts and plants to aid them.


The Arden are the archer class of Jade Dynasty. They attack from long range, while summoning plants and animals to assist them in battle and cause a variety of status effects to their enemies. They are weak at close range, but they have multiple skills that allow them to run faster in order to escape.


  • High damage
  • Can attack from farther away than any other faction
  • Cause status effects
  • Summon beasts and plants to assist in battle
  • Ability to run fast
  • Easy to Level up


  • Low Defense
  • Low Health
  • Status effects easy to resist
  • Weak in melee range


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