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The Forta are one of the Athan tribes, but they disappeared long ago; no one knows why they have begun to reappear, not even their Athan brethren. In sharp contrast with this is their brutally simple fighting style, pummeling enemies with gauntlets or their bare fists.


he Forta use cestuses are their primary weapon: battle gloves wrapped around metal to make their punches lethally strong. They train themselves to master powerful skill combinations; they’re also masters of buffing their own power.

The last-unlocked skill in the middle chain of each Tier is the trigger for their Overdrive System. Casting these skills has chance to set the Forta into a temporary Assault state. While in this state, they’ll be able to use the Overdrive skill linked to these trigger skills.

For example, the Wind Thunder Strike has a 20% chance to trigger an Assault state for 15 seconds. While in this state, the Forta can also use the skill Ultimate Duel, which is the Overdrive skill attached to Wind Thunder Strike. Normally, this skill can’t be used; while in the Assault state, it can be cast like any other skill, including a Spirit cost and cooldown.

The skills linked in this way tend to build off each other, so that the Overdrive skill takes advantage of an effect that the trigger skill causes. Don’t worry about saving skill points to level the Overdrive skill, as it has the same level as the trigger skill.

Don’t worry about your enemies kiting you, either. The Forta have several skills to get into melee with enemies, either by pulling or teleporting enemies.

The Forta also have fighting stances that are so powerful that they visibly change the character’s size. These operate somewhere between traditional buffs and postures: they have a duration, but only one of the stances can be active at one time.

Whatever they are, they give huge bonuses. A word of advice: If you’re fighting a Forta and it’s suddenly twice as tall as you are, run. At maxed-out skill levels and tomes, one of these stances more than doubles Attack Power and HP. This does come at the cost of increased skill casting time, but the Forta also have stances that lower Attack Power in exchange for shorter casting times.

The four Forta stances are the left skill chain in Tiers Two and Three.




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