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The Modo are an ancient but secretive Faction. Little is known of them to outsiders, except that they should be feared. Followers of the Modo integrate many types of ancient dark spells and curses into their combat style. With this vast array of methods, they can adapt to any situation.


Modo is a shapeshifting class. Disciples gain access to three different forms, each having specific assets. Apart from the human form, the additional postures are of a demonic nature.

The Modo can choose between following postures:

Human Form

Specializes in area-effect (AoE) attacks and curses that affect multiple enemies at once. The ultimate attack in this form is Kangba Extinction, a powerful AoE attack that strikes with increased CritBonus and drains the targets' spirit.

Demonic Posture

Specializes in melee single-target attacks and curses. The demonic posture increases the modo's HP, AP and DEF substantially, whilst reducing their resistances.

Modon Form

Specializes in ranged single-target and AoE attacks and curses, including Over-Time effects. This posture increases the caster's SP and AP considerably, whilst lowering their DEF. The ultimate skill of the modon is Skyseeker, a high-range AoE attack that deals severe Damage over Time (DoT).

Modo disciples can either choose to specialize in one of these postures, or go for a hybrid build (e.g. human and demonic). Any combination is possible, which makes Modo a very versatile class to play. Ascended modos can choose a specific Affinity, which further focusses on one of the three postures. Modo is a typical endgame faction. Before Tier 4, they lack the proper skills to excel at both PvE and PvP.

That is why you will often hear it takes time and dedication to play modo. Once you reach the higher levels, though, the tables will turn and you'll have one of the toughest pre-ascended factions ingame. However, it does take patience to master the modo faction in PvP. Modo players need to time their buffs, curses and attacks precisely in order to effectively kill enemy players and withstand incoming damage.


  • Versatility.
  • Excels at higher levels.
  • High damage and damage-per-second (DPS).
  • Good tank-ability
  • Skills that temporarily render the modo immune to all kinds of debuffs.


  • Not the easiest faction to master.
  • No powerful shields or raja.


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