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The Celan faction is the absolute embodiment of grace and elegance and resembles the beauty and compassion of the great Goddess Nuwa. With superior capability as a support healer as well as various blessing and curse skills the Celan is sure to prove their worth in a variety of situations.

A truly unique aspect of the Celan is their choice of ornately crafted zithers as their primary weaponry. The haunting melodies that they create will often prove to be the final song their foes will ever hear.


The Celans are the Athan healing faction of Jade Dynasty. Armed with the power of music, Celans are masters in the art of Reflective damage. Many Celan skills will have a chance to cast a skill reflective shield for a certain period of time.

The Celan also have a mastery of powerful Area of Effect curse and blessing auras, which are perfect for group PvP. Celan also have many Musical Combo skills. These, depending on their rank, have a certain amount of slots on the skill in which to place Notes. Each Note has a different effect, and all can be stacked.


  • Excellent as a part of a group.
  • Ability to buff his/her allies.
  • Ability to heal his/her allies.
  • Ability to revive his/her allies.
  • Ability to curse his/her enemies.
  • Ability to attack from range.
  • High Damage at higher levels.
  • High defense good in AOE


  • Low damage at lower levels.
  • Many useful skills are not learned until late game.
  • Pets, summons, fire, and Rayan clones aren't affected by reflective skills, will go through them.
  • Relies on luck.


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