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These mighty warriors are an all-male tribe who pride themselves on their spear wielding skills. They have forgone the use of Spirit for casting spells, relying instead on their own life force and fury in battle to fuel their abilities. Though uncommon, a Kytos may allow a friend to hitch a ride if they are feeling in a gracious mood, but do not simply assume this right is granted easily!

Angering a Kytos means you are prepared to face a stampede head-on! These quadripedal warriors are very durable, mobile, and adept at breaking through the front line to assault vulnerable targets. Kytos members often disregard how many enemies face them, charging heedlessly through the front line to inflict massive damage to all targets around them. Many of their attacks are wide sweeping, and they can learn to temporarily reflect damage, letting them rush directly into the center of the enemy.


These quadruped warriors are fearless in the face of danger and are always looking for a chance to break through the enemy lines to inflict massive area damage. They are renown for their high mobility and earth rumbling charge abilities, as well as the ability to absorb and even reflect damage.

Kytos warriors thrive in the heat of battle. Because of this, you can play them a couple of different ways, but all of them require you to be up close and personal with your enemies. Their skill branches deal with defensive buffs, offensive buffs, absorbing damage, dealing more damage, and positioning.

The Kytos are masters of positioning both themselves and their enemies in battle. Their charge abilities enable them to cover large distances quickly to engage foes no matter the situation. Once behind enemy lines, a Kytos warrior can toss the vulnerable enemy behind them, allowing the team to pulverize the foe. They also have the ability to pull enemies to them, which works out well when they need to build up their specialty mechanic, Fury.

Kytos relish in the spirit of battle and use Fury to fuel their more powerful abilities. They have two ways of acquiring Fury, which will depend heavily on your playstyle. To generate Fury, a Kytos warrior must go into a specific posture or stance. Out of the four postures available, the first two deal with generating fury from either taking damage or dealing damage.




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