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The Balo were forged by the great goddess Nuwa to represent pure brute strength. Combining the inner power of the fiercest human warriors with the invulnerability of molten rock, the Balo are known to be indispensable front line warriors.

Aiming to put a stop to the human Ascension, the Balo's hulking size and strength will strike fear into all enemies who stand in their way.

The Balo use axes as their weapon of choice, and many of their skills focus on their brute strength.


The Balo are a melee class with a wide variety of status effects, including Stun, Paralyze, Silence, and Weaken. Some of these attacks hit multiple targets, afflicting several nearby enemies with these status effects. Balo are able to tank using abilities that force enemies to attack them, and then survive the hits with their high Defense.

The Balo also have a number of Posture skills, allowing them to switch from having high attack to high defense at will


  • High defense
  • Mid range damage
  • A variety of status effect abilities
  • Switch between attack and defense using Postures


  • Few ranged skills
  • Few Area of Attack skills


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