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Jadeon is one of the main Factions fighting on the side of Good. This faction was formed more than two thousand years ago when ancient master Jadeon the Revered discovered the magic sword Regenesis at Moontop Hollow. In reverence of this great achievement, most followers of Jadeon will use swords as their weapons, channeling their magic through it.

A Jadeon follower is a formidable opponent. They are highly skilled in ranged attacks that harness the elemental powers of electricity and frost, and they are very powerful against large groups of enemies. However, their spell casting time makes them vulnerable in close-quarter combat.


jpg Jadeon has very high ranged damage, somewhat like a ranged version of the Lupin, minus the high critical rate. They are very good in groups and have very powerful AoE skills. However, they have relatively low defense, long casting times and are quite vulnerable in close-quarters combat. Jadeon are considered the fastest leveling faction due to their AoE abilities in the later game periods. They retain their usefulness throughout all level ranges.


  • High Spirit
  • High Damage
  • Ability to deal damage to many enemies at once (AoE)
  • Ranged attacks

Fast leveling

  • Excellent in groups
  • Easy to make money


  • Low Defense
  • Low Health
  • Long casting times
  • Weak in melee range


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