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Skysong, like Jadeon, is one of the main Factions standing for Good. They closely follow the teachings of their Buddhist order, focusing on spiritual enlightenment and peaceful interactions with the rest of the world. Their teachings allow them to harness the power of their mantras to heal and aid in combat.

A Skysong follower is unassuming, but powerful in battle. They were the first Faction with the innate ability to heal, and can also aid their allies with status buffs and skills. However, their physical prowess is diminished.


Skysong is the healing faction in Jade Dynasty, and they can also buff their allies in a number of ways. This makes them extremely powerful as part of a group. Due to their own buffs, their Defense is among the highest in the game. The Tier 5 skill, Immeasurable Truth

However, they lack devastating damage at beginning, and most of their powerful skills can't be learned until level 140 or higher, but don't think skysong is a not a good faction, actually it is when they reach level 140 or higher that they obtain their last and most powerful skill, so that in PvP they can heal and attack, keeping themselves alive until you are beaten.


  • Excellent as a part of a group
  • Ability to buff his/her allies
  • Ability to heal his/her allies
  • Ability to revive his/her allies
  • Easy to make money
  • Ability to attack from range
  • High Defense
  • High Damage at higher levels
  • High Sleep resistance


  • Low damage
  • Many useful skills are not learned until late game


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