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Incense Mages are one of the human factions that are on the side of good, like Jadeon and Skysong. They focus on fire-based attacks, and have skills that grow stronger based on the number of party members you have


The mages of Incense Valley have used their flame magic to defend the mortal world for centuries – first from the Yasho of the Southern Border and their own dark secrets, then from the Athan invasion.

The Incense Valley Mage faction is a blend of support and massive damage, using powerful array skills to strengthen their party and incinerating their foes with flame spells. They can attack from a long distance, making them powerful strikers. As fits a fire-themed faction, the Mages’ main attack skills – the first skill in each tier – can inflict Burn effects on their enemies. These effects deal ongoing damage to the target and any enemies near him; this damage isn’t reduced by Defense or Resistances. If you’ve got the speed to kite, Burns let you get extra mileage out of your running time.

With a few exceptions, the Burn chain of skills is the center chain in each Tier, and one of their Tome Skill pages deals mainly with Burns. The left chain of skills in each Tier builds towards a party-based Array skill. These Arrays look gorgeous, and when you use some of them with at least one party member, it’ll broadcast a chat message with your coordinates, telling players to join you for when you cast your next Array. These will generally either buff you and your party or summon powerful guardian spirits to fight for you. If you charge the Array as you cast it, its effects will last longer. These skills take a while to be cast and are more powerful the more characters are in your party. Most of these Arrays reach their full potential at six characters in your party.

The disciples of Incense Valley are powerful warriors, and have long been one of the three most prominent Good factions.




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