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Vim is an ancient branch of the Holy schools, originally allied to the side of Good. They were founded after the Vim Archlord uncovered the powerful book of spells, the Librus. With knowledge of this tome, Vim quickly gathered many followers and established themselves as an influential Faction. Although they began as a Faction of Good, their followers are trained to achieve their goals by any means necessary and fight with a disregard for safety for all, which has put them in conflict with Factions like Jadeon.

With their all-out style of fighting, followers of Vim are extremely effective in close-quarters combat. Their intimate knowledge of the Librus provides them high defense, but they lack the ability to use ranged attacks.


Vim is the "tank" Faction in Jade Dynasty. They have very high Health and Defense, and have skills to help them hold the attention of the enemies around them, protecting their allies from harm. Their damage is not to be ignored, however, as they are excellent at taking down single targets in melee. Many consider this faction to be the excellent in PvP, but Vim is incapable of using many ranged attacks.

The Vim have many useful skills that can cripple their opponents. The ability to stun is quite useful in the earlier game periods. Late game periods they have the abillity to mass paralyze large numbers of enemies and bleed/silence them, as well as using attack techniques to defend with, and a single killing shot technique that uses all their spirit. They also have the abillity to reflect damage back on their opponents.


  • Immunity Shields
  • High Health
  • High Defense
  • High Single Target Damage
  • Skills that can force enemies to attack them
  • Ability to mass paralyze and/or bleed multiple enemies
  • Excellent in Mass combat and PvP


  • Few ranged attacks
  • Few Area-of-Effect attacks
  • Running and movement speed slower than other factions
  • Long recast time on their powerful abilities


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