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Lupin was founded by Lady Jingling, formerly a powerful Vim lord. She quickly mastered the arts of their sacred tome, the Librus and after learning all she could, the former Vim follower founded Lupin to rival her former masters.

A Lupin follower is swift and silent like an assassin. Their critical heavy hits make them a wanted ally in a fight, however their weak defense makes them vulnerable when outnumbered and surrounded.


Lupin is the main melee damage dealing Faction in Jade Dynasty. They deal high damage with very high critical rates, and are excellent at taking down single targets. Their main weakness is their low defense. They cannot handle group PvP.

Lupins can achieve the highest Health in the game. Though some of their skills have high cooldowns, they have techniques to get around that.

Many Lupin skills focus on causing short-term Status Effects on the target. Lupins even have skills that can reduce the target's Resistance to a certain status effect so that they can more easily inflict it on them with a different skill.


  • High damage and critical strike rate
  • High Health
  • Excellent in single-target PvP
  • Many attacks cause status effects
  • Many skills that grant powerful short-term buffs to the caster


  • Low Defense
  • Long Cooldowns
  • Weak in group PvP
  • No ranged attacks
  • Few multi-target attacks


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