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The Avatar Frames are special cosmetic items which allow players to change their Avatar Frame - Top left corner/player target. You can acquire them through Crafting, Marketplace, Mystery Shop and Marriage rewards.

Avatar Frame color will appear different, depending on your Affinity - Dagos - blue, Felkin - purple, and Fuwa - yellow/gold. If your Character doesn't have Affinity, Frame will appear darker shade of blue, similar to Dagos. "Special" types of Avatar Frames will only change your name background color depending on your Affinity.


Once you acquire a Avatar Frame item, right-click on it to store it in your Avatar Frame system, accessible through your Character head frame in top left corner of the screen. Once you find a frame you'd like to use it, click Confirm and frame will be updated. Avatar Frame system will be added to the Fashion Wardrobe System in the upcoming Expansions.

Gallery of Avatar Frames


Click on image to preview animated effect.


Name No Affinity Dagos Felkin Fuwa
Sparrow Branch FrameSparrow.gif FrameSparrowDagos.gif FrameSparrowFelkin.gif FrameSparrowFuwa.gif
White Snow FrameSnow.gif FrameSnowDagos.gif FrameSnowFelkin.gif FrameSnowFuwa.gif
Wing Flap FrameWing.gif FrameWingDagos.gif FrameWingFelkin.gif FrameWingFuwa.gif
Rosebead Painting FrameLotus.gif FrameLotusDagos.gif FrameLotusFelkin.gif FrameLotusFuwa.gif
Moonlit Night FrameMoonlit.gif FrameMoonlitDagos.gif FrameMoonlitFelkin.gif FrameMoonlitFuwa.gif


90-day Anniversary Gift

Name No Affinity Dagos Felkin Fuwa
Rising Dragon (Male) FrameDragon.gif FrameDragonDagos.gif FrameDragonFelkin.gif FrameDragonFuwa.gif
Flying Phoenix (Female) FramePhoenix.gif FramePhoenixDagos.gif FramePhoenixFelkin.gif FramePhoenixFuwa.gif


Available in Mystery Shop

Anan FrameAnan.gif
Bilu FrameBilu.gif
Velonus FrameVelonus.gif
Lantern FrameSpring.gif