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Also named "Fashion Handbook", can be opened with button U or WDB option on the bottom right menu. Once open you will see a collection of permanent fashions only. If your faction is unable to wear a fashion, your Wardrobe will not have an entry or preview card for it.

Add Fashion

Notice the previews will be dull, however as you add fashions to your Wardrobe the respective Helm, Boots and Body icons will light up in the respective Fashion Card. Once a set is complete, the whole preview card will light up.

  • You can add fashions from your Fashion and Normal Bag.
  • You can also press the "Buy" button on the preview cards to search the respective fashion in the Jaden Market.
  • Note: Even if the fashion is not bound to you, adding it to your Wardrobe will consume the item.

Temporary Fashions cannot be added to the Wardrobe, they can still be stored in the Fashion bag and equipped as normal.

Dye Fashion

If a Fashion can be dyed, the Helm, Boot and Body icons will display as purple/blue colored in the Preview Cards. Thankfully, the new fashion dye system works completely different than the previous sytem where orange Dye could look yellow. With this new feature, you are able to select whichever dye you please from a color wheel. However there are a few catchs, when you first use your Wardrobe, the Color Wheel and Brigtness are initially locked.

  • You must unlock slices of the Dye Color Wheel with an item obtained from "Dye Fang Spirit Key Box".
  • After Opening the Keybox you will recieve a "Dye Fang Lingkey" with the respective color. There are different keys colors: Red, Orange, Purple, Cyan, Green, Emerald, Blue, Indigo, Daisy, Scarlet, White and Brightness.
  • When you use one of these keys, the respective Slice will unlock. If you attempt to use a key for a Slice you already have unlocked, you will be unable to consume the item.
  • The Center of the Dye Color Wheel is White. After unlocking White and Brightness, you can achieve Pure Black and White dyes.

Dividable Fashion

Additionally, new fashions might have the "Dividable" characteristic. This means that a fashion piece has 2-3 parts that can be dyed different colors. Usually Dividable Hair pieces have 2 and Body pieces have 3. You can recognize a Dividable fashion when the Dye Color Wheel Window opens and each fashion piece shows different color blocks.

  • If you choose different colors for each part of a Dividable Fashion, the cost in Dyes increases.

How to Dye

When you click the preview card of a Dyeable fashion, the Dye Color Wheel Window will automatically appear. This will place the whole set in the Color Wheel Window and dye all three pieces the same color. If you wish to dye a single piece separately, click the respective Helm, Boots or Body Icon. You will notice how on the Color Wheel Window only the respective piece is shown.

  • As you click the Color Wheel, you will see the preview on the Left window.
  • Press Confirm to save your prefered choice. Everytime you save a dye color, you will consume "Tiangong Dyes . Permanent". Amount consumed varies depending on the piece dyed and the brightness chosen. Only color that influences cost is White.
  • Each time you click a separate Icon the palette of saved dyes will appear.
  • Each piece of fashion can save up to 6 palettes or colors. If you dye a whole set, it will take a palette slot in each piece of fashion.
  • You can remove a color from the palette by right-clicking it.
  • To select separate colors for Dividable Fashion, click each block to make your color choice.

Preview Fashion

You can easily preview any fashion set in the Handbook by clicking on the preview Card. If you wish to preview only one piece of the set, you ought to click on the respective Helm, Boots or Body Icon on the top left of each card. When you are satisfied with how you look on the left window, you can press confirm to change your clothes.

  • Adding a fashion piece with inherited appereance from another piece, will unlock both pieces in the wardrobe.

Fashion Stats and Skills

Thanks to Wardrobe, Fashion stats and the character's appearance will be independent from each other. Players are able to freely select the stats they want to apply without affecting their appearance. On the Left window you will see "Select Properties" and three dropdown menus. Choose from the list, the fashions which stats you wish to apply.

  • Keep in mind that if a fashion bonus is only activated in set, you must select the appropriate amount of pieces to apply the effect. For Example: Bilu Fashion Skill Evasion attribute when you have 2/3 pieces equipped.
  • Also, to gain access to a Dance Skill, you must select the respective set in your selection of attributes. For Example: you must select Frost Pelt in all attribute dropdown to gain access to "Charming Dance" Skill.
Name Stat Set Bonus
Bilu - Body:(Dance Skill) Jaden Dazzle LV1
- 2 Pieces: Skill Evasion +2.1
(Permanent Skill) Emerald Sea LV1
Bilu (Love) - Body:(Dance Skill) Jaden Dazzle LV1
- 2 Pieces: Skill Evasion +2.1
(Permanent Skill) Emerald Descension LV1
Bilu (Stylish) - Body:(Dance Skill) Jaden Dazzle LV1
Body: Vigor +1000
- 2 Pieces: Skill Accuracy +5.0
(Permanent Skill) Emerald Love LV1
Bilu (Advent) - Body:Vigor +1500 CritStrike Rate +1.0%
- 2 Pieces: Skill Accuracy +5.0
(Permanent Skill) Emerald Moon in Distant Sky LV1
Velonus Place Holder Place Holder

Generic Fashion Skills

Name Description Cooldown
Tiger Zodiac - -
Rabbit Zodiac - -
Snake Zodiac - -
Dragon Zodiac - -
Goat Zodiac - -
Monkey Zodiac - -
Rooster Zodiac - -
Dog Zodiac - -
Crimson Ceremony - -

Male Fashion Skills

Name Description Cooldown
Velonus - -
Velonus (Glory) - -
Velonus (Stylish) - -
Shaw Danon (Advent) - -

Female Fashion Skills

Name Description Cooldown
Bilu -
Bilu (Love)
Emerald Descension LV1
- -
Bilu (Stylish) - -
Bilu (Advent) - -
Anan - -
Anan (Love) - -
Anan (Stylish) - -

Faction Fashion Skills

Name Description Cooldown
Solarplume - -
Netherjade - -


Footprint items are lottery and Mystery Shop exclusive fashion items.

Weapon Fashion

Additoinally, your Wardrobe also contains a tab for Fashion Weapons. Just click on the "WEAP" tab and you will see all the items your faction can use. There are new Generic Fashion Weapons that any faction can use, however these are only for entertainment purposes. Once in combat, your respective profession weapon will be displayed instead when casting skills.

  • You add fashion weapons to your collection and Buy the same way you do with Fashions pieces.

Character Frames

Character Frames are special cosmetic items which change your base Character Frame to a special version. You can preview them in the Character Frame Gallery. Frame tab will be added to Fashion Wardrobe in further expansions.

Appereance Inheritance