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There are different types of Talismans to strengthen your gear and accesories at Enchanter NPC.


These Talismans improve the basic attributes of your gear and make it glow. Refining a weapon increases its Attack Power, refining Body armor increases its Defense, refining a helmet gives additional Spirit, and refining Boots gives additional Health. A piece of gear can be refined up to +16 (In EU Reborn Server), but even getting to +10 is an incredible feat.

You must use the correct Talisman that corresponds to your gear's quality:

  • Refinery Talisman.png Refinery Talisman: Common gear
  • Talisman of Craft.png Talisman of Craft: Celestial and Ethereal gear
  • Dragonsoul Charn.png Dragonsoul Charm: Deity gear
  • Mystic Charm.png Mystic Charm: Divine Gear
  • Darkcore Charm.png Darkcore Charm: Fate Gear
  • Ink Soul Essence.png Ink Soul Essence: Fate attributes
  • Jadefall Crystal.png Jadefall Crystal: Badges

Keep in mind: The refinery process does not have a 100% chance of success! Failing a refinery attempt will destroy your piece of equipment. However, if you use the proper auxiliary items, you can guarantee the survival of your gear, and even guarantee a successful outcome. Other items can also positively influence the chance of success. The different auxiliary items are:

  • Sigils: These items guarantee a successful refinery. There are Sigils for almost every level of refinery. E.g. a bronze Sigil will guarantee the refinement of any item that has a current refinery level of +4 or below. A dragon Sigil will provide this guarantee for refinery levels up to +8. Sigils can be obtained via the Marketplace and Enchanter Taja in Sunstream.
  • Serenity Jades: These jades will prevent the destruction of your gear piece, should you fail a refinery attempt but your refinery will go down by 1. They do not influence the chance of success.
  • Star Charm or Cascade Charm: These items will increase the chance of success with 15% and 20% respectively. However, should the attempt fail, you will lose your piece of equipment. Both obtainable in the Jaden Market.
  • Cloudstorm Jade: Increases the success rate of refining by 5% and prevents the enchanter from breaking your gear if failure.

Imbue Talismans

These talismans are used to imbue stats on to your gear or accesories. If imbuing fails, the gear will not be destroyed, but all imbued stats are removed. An item can only be imbued with one type of talisman at a time. For example, you cannot imbue your weapon with both Skill Accuracy Anti-Damage Reduction. However, each piece of your gear can be imbued with different talismans which means for example, your Helmet can have Resistance Imbue and your Boots can have Skill Evasion.

Basic Talismans Attribute Improved Talismans Attribute
Sharpness Talisman.jpg Sharpness Talisman Attack Power +2 Improved Sharp Talisman.gif Improved Sharp Talisman Defense +4
Shield Talisman.jpg Shield Talisman Defense +1 Improved Shield Talisman.gif Improved Shield Talisman Defense +2
Lifeblood Talisman.jpg Lifeblood Talisman Max Health +10 Improved Lifeblood Talisman.gif Improved Lifeblood Talisman Health +10
Spirit Talisman.jpg Spirit Talisman Max Spirit +10 Improved Spirit Talisman.gif Improved Spirit Talisman Spirit +10
Resistance Talismans Attribute - Attributes
Focus Talisman.jpg Focus Talisman Accuracy +1 Tranquil Talisman.jpg Tranquil Talisman Silence Resistance +3
Windflying Talisman.jpg Windflying Talisman Evasion +1 Unwavering Talisman.jpg Unwavering Talisman Weakness Resistance + 3
Steadfast Talisman.jpg Steadfast Talisman Stun Resistance +3 Unfettered Talisman.jpg Unfettered Talisman Paralyze Resistance +3
Vigilance Talisman.jpg Vigilance Talisman Sleep Resistance +3
Great Talismans Attribute Best Talismans Attributes
Great Sharp Talisman.gif Great Sharp Talisman Attack Power +8 Best Sharp Talisman.gif Best Sharp Talisman Attack +16
Great Shield Talisman.gif Great Shield Talisman Defense +4 Best Shield Talisman.gif Best Shield Talisman Defense +8
Great Lifeblood Talisman.gif Great Lifeblood Talisman Max Health +40 Best Lifeblood Talisman.gif Best Lifeblood Talisman Max Health +80
Great Spirit Talisman.gif Great Spirit Talisman Max Spirit +40 Best Spirit Talisman.gif Best Spirit Talisman Max Spirit +80

Perfect Talismans

These can be obtained through the Shura Gauntlet instance, Elysium Bosses and trading Heaven Charms at Award Manager. Unlike other talismans, these have specific pieces where they are imbued.

Name Effect Gear Piece Reborn Perfect Talismans
Perfect Tigerwing Talisman.png Perfect Tigerwing Talisman CritStrike Rate +0.2% Esper Accesory
Perfect Phoenixplume Talisman.png Perfect Phoenixplume Talisman CritStrike Bonus +5.0% Esper Accesory
Perfect Turtleback Talisman.png Perfect Turtleback Talisman CritNull +0.2% Esper Tome
Perfect Dragonscale Talisman.png Perfect Dragonscale Talisman CritShield +5.0% Esper Tome
Perfect Shieldruined Talisman.png Perfect Shieldruined Talisman Anti-Damage Red +0.8% Weapon
Perfect Unfettered Talisman.png Perfect Unfettered Talisman Paralyze RES +6 Body
Perfect Vigilance Talisman.png Perfect Vigilance Talisman Sleep RES +6 Helmet
Perfect Unwavering Talisman.png Perfect Unwavering Talisman Weaken RES +6 Helmet
Perfect Steadfast Talisman.png Perfect Steadfast Talisman Stun RES +6 Boot
Perfect Tranquil Talisman.png Perfect Tranquil Talisman Silence RES +6 Body
Perfect Anti-Dagos Talisman.png Perfect Anti-Dagos Talisman Dagos RES +0.2% Boot
Perfect Anti-Fuwa Talisman.png Perfect Anti-Fuwa Talisman Fuwa RES +0.2% Boot
Perfect Anti-Felkin Talisman.png Perfect Anti-Felkin Talisman Felkin RES +0.2% Boot

Other Imbue

  • Thunderblade Charm imbues 0.2 Skill Accuracy
  • Evasion Charm Imbues 0.2 Skill Evasion

These imbues can be found at Craftsman Tamsin in Sunstream City in exchange for Crystal Ruby and Broken Ruby which you get from crafting Lv120+ Items. These can be used in Helmet, Body, Boots and Weapon.

Charm and Chi Imbues

You can obtain these items at the Award Manager in exchange for a Celestial Scrolls, Universal Compendiums, Mark Exchange Tickets and Curse Exchange Tickets

Name Effect Gear Piece Name Effect Gear Piece
Hawkeye Mark.png Hawkeye Mark.png Skill Accuracy +0.2 Charm Mystic Shelter.png Mystic Shelter Dagos RES +0.5% Necklace
Nightowl Mark.png Nightowl Mark.png Skill Evasion +0.2 Charm Mystic Cleansing.png Mystic Cleansing Felkin RES+0.5% Ring (Charm)
Howl Mark.png Howl Mark.png CritStrike +0.1% Charm Mystic Innocence.png Mystic Innocence Fuwa RES +0.5% Ring (Jade)
Dragon Chant Mark.png Dragon Chant CritStrike +0.3% Charm Mystic Calamity.png Mystic Calamity Anti-Dagos Necklace
Snow Crane Mark.png Snow Crame CritNull +0.3% Charm Mystic Brilliance.png Mystic Brilliance Anti-Felkin Ring(Charm)
White Tiger.png White Tiger Curse Attack Power +32 Chi Mystic Ascension.png Mystic Ascension Anti-Fuwa Ring(Jade)
North Spirit.png North Spirit Curse Defense +16 Chi
Skydrake Curse.png Skydrake Curse Damage Reduction +16 Chi
Soaring Snake.png Soaring Snake CritNull +0.3% Chi
Red Phoenix Curse.png Red Phoenix CritNull +0.3% Chi