Orb Forge

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Stat-Boosting Orbs are used to increase various stats permanently, but luck will decide that kind of orb you receive when forging.


You must have at least 5 empty bag slots. To forge a single orb you require either 6 Common Orb Beads or 6 Advanced Orb Beads.

How to

Right-click the Orb Beads to open the interface and select the option to "Forge". Once the process has started you can stop it by clicking "Solidify" You see be able to see what type of orb you received and "Apply" if desired. If you have received an Orb of a stat that is no longer required you can "Reforge" said Orb, consuming a Common or Advanced Reforge.


Common Max Growth Growth per Orb Advanced Max Growth Growth per Orb
Attack Power 720 3 CritStrike Rate 2.00% 0.2%
Health 3000 15 CritStrike Bonus 20.00% 2%
Spirit 3000 15 CritNull 2.00% 0.2%
Defense 240 1 CritShield 20.00% 2%
Accuracy 200 1 Skill Accuacy 2.00 0.2
Evasion 150 1 Skill Evasion 2.00 0.2