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The Fealty system is a daily reward system where players can earn up to four different Fealty Packs depending on the total number of Fealty Points earned each day. The Fealty menu can be opened by selecting the "present" icon at the 9 o'clock position of the minimap and then selecting the "Fealty" tab at the top of the resulting menu.

Earning Fealty

Fealty is currently awarded in sets of 20 points based on common activity themes, and there are a total of 120 possible Fealty Points each day. Only one Task must be completed to complete an Activity and earn Fealty Points.

Activity Fealty Points Task Type Description
Daily Quests 20 Dispel The Curse
Exploring the Scroll
Sky Lotus
Yasho Seal
Corrupted Forges
Bratty Princess
Daily Events 20 Share Achievement
Beast Nanny
Golden Touch
Angler's Lament
Getting Home
Missing Yasho
Daily Instance 20 Trail - Jadeon Defense
Soul Tower
Celestial Tower
Trial - Holy Lotus
Servant of Orison
Trial - Celestial Ruins
Adept of Orison
Trial - Shura Gauntlet
Trial - Elemental Temple
Clouded Milky Way
Beast Lord
Song of the Emerald Lady
Dream in the South
Five Sins
Daily BGs 20 Local Alliance War
Cross-server Alliance War
Battle for Supremacy
Clash of the Seven
Warflag of Iron
Divine Battleground
System 20 JD-Mart
Soulstone System
Pet Training
JD Land
Sprite Growth
Soul Card
Item Use 20 Use VIP Card
Use a Portal Charm
Usa a Truth
Use Absolute Rumor
Use the Sentinel
Use the Chi Sphere
Use Tanis Ka's Charm
Use the Shadow Dragon Shears
Use the Ice Cocoon Silk
Use the Oracle
Use Serenity Jade


The four rewards earned by gaining Fealty Points unlock at 25, 50, 75, and 100 Fealty Points. Players must collect these rewards before the next server day or else Fealty Points will reset and the previous day's rewards will not be able to be claimed.

Here is a breakdown of the four Fealty Packs and their rewards:

Reward 1 Reward 2 Reward 3 Reward 4
Required Fealty 25 50 75 100
Pack Basic Fealty Pack Standard Fealty Pack Advanced Fealty Pack Ultimate Fealty Pack
Pack Contents Ancient Coin x5
Meditation Orb (Bound) x1
Celestial Decree (Bound) x1
Violetgold Fragment x1
Wintery Sweet Osmanthus x1
Ancient Coin x10
Meditation Orb (Bound) x1
Celestial Decree (Bound) x1
Affinity Bead (Bound) x100
Violetgold Fragment x1
Wintery Sweet Osmanthus x1
Wintery Sweet Osmanthus x4
Taichi Pill Stock x3
Celestial Decree x5
Meditation Orb (Bound) x1
Affinity Bead (Bound) x1000
Chroma Bead (Bound) x1000
Wintery Sweet Osmanthus x8
Celestial Decree x1
Gold Pocketbook x10
JD - Youth Song x10
Blood of Reborn x1-2
Meditation Orb (Bound) x1
Soul Inverter (Bound) x1
Astrum Jade (Bound) x10
Affinity Bead (Bound) x1000
Chroma Bead (Bound) x1000
Royal Star(LV1)(Chance to get 1 to 4)
Fate Powder x6
New Soulcards (25% chance)