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The exploration system allows players to earn daily rewards by "exploring" nine different Areas themed on popular game maps. The exploration system refreshes each day at 00:00 server time.

Locating Exploration

The Exploration menu can be found by following these steps:
1. Use the Map Function Key (default 'M', see Hotkeys) or M icon at the 5 o'clock position on the minimap.
2. Press the "Exploration" button on the bottom right of the Map menu.


Exploring an Area consumes one Expedition Pack which must be "banked" as described below. A Sage's Compass can be used to refresh the Area Level and increase the rewards in the Area's Treasure List. One Sage's Compass is consumed each time an Area Level is refreshed, and Area Levels will never decrease when refreshed.

Refreshing Area Levels: Select the white refresh arrows icon near the Area Level indicator to initiate a refresh for the selected Area.

Increase Available Exploration Attempts: The "Time Left" counter in the bottom right of the Exploration menu shows how many times the player can explore. This number can be increased by using an Expedition Pack to "bank" your exploration attempts for later use.

Exploring an Area: Select the "Explore" button at the bottom right of the Exploration menu to obtain the rewards listed in the Treasure List. Some rewards are only obtained by random chance; these rewards have a chest icon to the left of the item icon. Random rewards are also denoted by an [R] in the reward table below.


The nine Areas available for exploration are evenly grouped into three different sets of possible rewards. Each Area has an Area Level which determines the rewards listed in the Treasure List. The below table breaks down each reward group, Area Level, and associated Treasure List.

Reward Group Areas 0 Star 1 Star 2 Star 3 Star 4 Star 5 Star
Group 1 Ancient Land
Dread Labrynth
Dragon Mountain
Chroma Bead x5 Chroma Bead x10 Chroma Bead x20 Chroma Bead x30
Ancient Coin
Chroma Bead x50
Ancient Coin
[R] Kirin Sigil Shard
Chroma Bead x2000
Ancient Coin x20
[R] Diamond Sigil Shard x2
[R] Drake Sigil
[R] Divine Soul Ash Coupon x5
Fire Orb of Vastness
Group 2 Wildlands
Southern Border
Affinity Bead x20 Affinity Bead x40
Common Seal Orb x5
Affinity Bead x60
Common Seal Orb x10
Affinity Bead x80
Common Seal Orb x15
Affinity Bead x100
Common Seal Orb x20
[R] Fine Seal Orb x2
Affinity Bead x1200
Fine Seal Orb x20
[R] Violetgold Fragment x5
Spiritual Covenant x2000
[R] Ultimate Talisman Gem - Esper
Fire Orb of Vastness
Group 3 Divine Realm
Sunstream City
The Billows
Gold Pocketbook x5
Celestial Decree
Gold Pocketbook x6
Celestial Decree
Gold Pocketbook x7
Celestial Decree
Gold Pocketbook x8
Celestial Decree
Gold Pocketbook x9
Celestial Decree
[R] Affinity Bead x6000
Common Seal Orb x250
Celestial Decree x10
[R] Royal Star(LV2)
[R] Green Star
Ice Orb of Vastness x600
Fire Orb of Vastness

[R] - Denotes the reward has a random chance to be earned when exploring the Area at that Area Level.