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Unlock Feature

The constellation system is unlocked when you reach 161, afterwards you can proceed to embed stars into it. Four constellations will be unlocked; Phoenix, Turtle, Tiger and Dragon. You will keep the feature even if you remove Astrum gear.

Unlock Star Slots

In order to unlock the slots in each constellation, you must Fuse stars for experience, this will consume the star items. When the absorbed value has reached a certain amount, the next slot will become available. Embedded stars cannot be used in the Fusion option, they mus t be unequipped first.

Embed Stars

Within the Constellation Window, you can drag and drop the stars into the available slot. A star can be embedded if it meets the requirements of the Constellation. bag. There are four types of stars you can embed:

  • Alioth slots can only equip White Stars which only have 1 main stat.
  • Mizar slots can only equip Green Stars which have 1 main stat and 1 auxiliary stat.
  • Alkaid slots can only equip Blue Stars which have 1 main stat and 2 auxiliary stats.

Note: Each constellation cannot have several stars equipped with the same stats. For example: One cannot have two stars with Attack Power as the same main stats. You can however, have a White star with AP and a Green Star with AP.

  • Polaris slots can only equip Purple or Orange Stars which contain new advanced forms of faction skills. Purple stars give passive bonuses and Orange stars replaces the original skill.

??Note: In order to equip a Star Skill, the original skill must be at highest rank. To remove a star, click on the one you want to remove from the constellation and press the "Remove" button in the Constellaion Interface. The selected star will return to your star bag.

Reset Slots

The slots can be reset using the Divine by Astrology Function. All 7 slots will have their types and positions randomly changed however, this will guarantee a Polaris Star Slot.

  • Polaris: Fixed to 1 slot.
  • Alkaid: Less than or equal to 2.
  • Mizar: Less than or equal to 2.
  • Alioth: Greater than or equal to 2.

Level Star

After clicking on the Level Button, a star level interface will open up. It is possible to absorb other stars to accumulate experience. When the required amount of experience is reached, the star will advance to the next level automatically. A star that is embedded cannot be gain experience, it must be removed for this procedure. Note: Skill Stars and Stat Stars can mutually absorb each other, there are no restrictions. Also: The closer the star stats are to each other, the more experience they will receive when absorbing.

Star Skills

Human Jadeon Star Skills Skysong Star Skills Vim Star Skills Lupin Star Skills Modo Star Skills Incense Mage Star Skills

Athan Balo Star Skills Arden Star Skills Celan Star Skills Rayan Star Skills Forta Star Skills Voida Star Skills

Etherkin Pyschea Star Skills Kytos Star Skills Hydran Star Skills Seira Star Skills Gevrin Star Skills