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The Class System is designed so players can communicate better, find a party in their level range easily, and level faster. Everyone who is past level 10 will be allocated in a class. To open Class window, simply press N.


The Class system sorts players into level brackets. You can only communicate and gain benefits from your current class. There are multiple classes for each level range, and you will join a random class once you reach the next bracket.

Starting at LV10, the level brackets are as corresponding:

  • LV10-15
  • LV16-30
  • LV31-45
  • LV46-60
  • LV61-75
  • LV76-90
  • LV91-105
  • LV106-120
  • LV121-135
  • LV136-150

Daily Quest

After joining a class you can get a Daily Quest that will raise the popularity of your class:

  • LV10-30 class - Wait one hour to receive the rewards and add 10 Prestige to the class
  • LVL30+ class - Kill 15 Black Bamboo (50 health each) in Jadeon

Class Rewards

Completing the daily quest rewards you with 15 Taichi pills. Whenever someone completes the class daily, they add 10 prestige to their class. Once the prestige in your class reached its current "Pop", everyone in your class will be awarded with bonus 100 Taichi pills by pressing "Reward" in class window.

When someone advances into another class, everyone who's still in that lvl range may obtain another bonus experience. The amount depends on how many players graduated into another class. To get it simply press "Receive EXP".

As you move into the higher level classes, the prestige limit decreases and exp from graduated members increases.