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This page includes relevant general information about the three Affinities. Please see the main article for each affinity for more specific information.

After ascending and reaching level 90, players are able to complete a quest to choose one of the three affinities: Felkin, Fuwa, or Dagos. Each affinity has its own skill tree, eight general skills, and five faction-specific skills. Each affinity also has exclusive access to one of the three affinity maps: The Fel Lands (Felkin), Purified Lands (Fuwa), or Immortal Lands (Dagos).



The Felkin Affinity is typically known for its offensive style. Felkin skills typically deal with attack power, personal buffs, and enemy debuffs.


The Fuwa Affinity is typically known for its defensive style. Fuwa skills typically deal with the health, defense, and resistance stats of the caster, party, or enemy. This affinity also has strong ties with pets.


The Dagos Affinity is typically known for its mobile offensive style and comparative defensive drawback. Many players refer to this as a "glass cannon" playstyle. Dagos skills typically deal with spirit, resistances, and mobility.