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When you reach level 60, you'll have to speak with Lord Fenix and complete his quest.

Once you use the Soulstone Key you obtain from Baye at the end of the quest, the STONE tab in your Character window will unlock. The quest will also award you three Soulstone Tickets and three Awakening Orbs to get started. Obtain a new Soulstone from Lord Fenix and awaken it, the stats of the stone are randomized.

You can farm more Awakening Orbs and Soulstone Tickets from the Soul Tower's daily rewards. You can also buy more Awakening Orbs from the Marketplace.

After equipping your Soulstone, you can view the Soulstone menu in the STONE tab.


As mentioned before, the stats of your stone are random. You can scramble this by Resetting it with a Soul Inverter, resulting in different stats and a chance at boosting or decreasing the stats slightly. The Soul Inverter will also give your Soulstone EXP and Synergy when used. Which is used to level up your soulstone to 20, which is Max.

You can Fuse Soulstones together, transferring the Exp and Chi from the Secondary Soulstone to your Primary Soulstone.


On your STONE tab, you will have a very clear view of the stat's value and its maximum potential. Using a Boost Orb or Chi enhancer will randomize increases or decreases of your current stats. Before the boost is applied though, you will get to see the potential change, you can decide to accept or reject it. Soulstones' maximun stat potential is multiplied by the Soulstone's level for the total bonus – so a tenth-level Soulstone is ten times as powerful.

Chi Enhancers are available in the Marketplace, while Boost Orbs are from gameplay. You will be getting Boost Orbs as part of the Soul Tower instance. You can farm Boost Orbs from the daily Soul Tower rewards, starting right away for players who complete floor 10 – it's in the form of a Soul Tower Token. You can also get Boost Orbs from the one-time Soul Tower rewards starting at floor 40.

The Chi Enhancer works just like a Boost Orb, except it will also increase your Soulstone's Total Chi by one. When you reset your Soulstone, its Total Chi is moved over to Available Chi. As long as the Soulstone has Available Chi, you can Boost it for free.


When your Soulstone reaches level 10, you will be able to equip Soulsets. The amount of sockets is deteremined randomly and can be changed with a Soulflow Jade using the "Soulflow" Button.

You can create Soulstars by consuming your Soulstone's EXP with the Create Button in the STONE window. You can also exchange lower level Soulstars for higher level Soulstars at Lord Fenix.

Once you collect these Soulstars, you will be able to embed them in your Soulstone to create Soulsets, which will unlock stat bonuses and skills. Just press "Embed" in the STONE window and put your Soulstars.

Set HP SP ATT Skill ACC Skill EVA Crit Rate Speed Slow Resistance All RES Dmg Red Skill
Lyan Juen 1,200 - - - - - - - - - For 10 secs, recovers the following Bonus Attributes every 2 seconds: Health, Spirit, and Vigor by 10%
Lyan Venn 1,200 - - 2 - - - - - - Increase CritStrike Rate by 4%, and the damage of the caster's next strike by 30%
Juen Urh 1,200 2,400 48 2 - - - - - - Reduces a target's Attack by 30% for 15 seconds, and Movement Speed by 40%
Lyan Juen Venn 1,200 - 48 2 - - - - - - Increases Attack and defense by 20% for 12 seconds. Bonus Attributes: Health, Spirit +10%
Set HP SP ATT Skill ACC Skill EVA Crit Rate Speed Slow Resistance All RES Dmg Red Skill
Lyan Juen Tann 1,200 2,400 48 2 2 - - - - - Removes all debuffs currently active upon yourself
Jien Venn Chish 1,200 2,400 48 2 2 2 0,1 - - - Target unable to eat for 5 seconds
Lyan Juan Venn Urh 1,200 2,400 2 - - - 0,1 - - - Increases speed by 5 meters and mount speed by 4 meters in 10 seconds, and clears all slow effects (can not be stacked)
Lyan Juen Venn Tann 1,200 2,400 48 2 2 - 0,1 10 - 1 Freezes a target for 5 seconds
Lyan Juen Venn Urh Porr 1,200 - - 2 2 - - - 16 - Grants the caster invincibility for 6 seconds

Keep in Mind, the amount of sockets has to match the amount of soulstars to give you the Soulset bonus. For example: if you put three soulstars that form a Soulset but your soulstone has 4 sockets, you will not obtain the bonus. You must use a Starflow Jade and bring your socket count to three.


Using Soul Inverters also gives you Synergy which can be viewed under your Soulstone EXP. There are several ranks of Synergy:

  • Three Star: Soulstones will have at least 3 stats when Reset or Awakened.
  • Four Star:
  • Five Star
  • Six Star: When Resetting a Soulstone, it will not have Accuracy or Evasion and the Stones will have at least 6 stats when Reset or Awakened.

Reaching certain milestonse of Synergy will let you create a custom Soulstone.

  • 25,000 Synergy: Can produce a Soulstone with 3 customized stats out of 5 total Stats.
  • 60,000 Synergy: Can produce a Soulstone with 4 customized stats out of 6 total Stats.
  • 200,000 Synergy: Can produce a Soulstone with4 customized stats out of 8 total Stats.
  • 400,000 Synergy: Can produce a Soulstone with5 customized stats out of 8 total Stats.

These custom soulstones are once each per 400k Synergy. If you wish to reset your slots and make more custom Soulstones, you will need to use a Bodhii Seed.