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Espers are one of the most important pieces of Equipment in Jade Dynasty. To replenish its energy you can use different items such as Lunarshade Stone, Coldmoon Essence, Moonlit Starfall, Heart of the Moon and many others.

  • Invigorate: The most basic function of an esper; this will let you grind without assistance as your character will heal, cast skills, pick drops and use items by itself. All these options can be modified in Settings, just press the Gear Icon next to your Invigorate Button.

Note: If you are under Lv90, have a VIP card active or Priviledge, you won't consume Esper energy while invigorating

  • Fly: Pressing the Wing Button on your Esper bar will summon your Skyblade (Wings or Flying Mount) This will consume Esper Energy.
  • Transform: Pressing the two arrows on your Esper bar will let you transform into the respective Gem you have equipped.
  • Benefits: Provides you stats such as AP, Resistances. As well as provide you an extra rank in some of your faction skills. And much more.

Catalyze and Ascension

You can raise your Esper's proficiency by using its skill, which you can find in your Esper Bar or in Skills Window (R) under "Other". You can also catalyze it with Tiamat Blood, Wyvern Blood or Perfect Dragon Essence. Once your Esper's proficiency bar is full, it will automatically increase in level.

Your Esper has a max level that is based off your current level. In general, this limit is a few levels above your character's. When unascended, Level 30 is the maximum level for character's Esper.

Esper Owner Esper Owner Esper Owner
Level 1 Level 1 Level 11 Level 45 Level 21 Level 95
Level 2 Level 1 Level 12 Level 50 Level 22 Level 100
Level 3 Level 5 Level 13 Level 55 Level 23 Level 105
Level 4 Level 10 Level 14 Level 60 Level 24 Level 110
Level 5 Level 15 Level 15 Level 65 Level 25 Level 115
Level 6 Level 20 Level 16 Level 70 Level 26 Level 120
Level 7 Level 25 Level 17 Level 75 Level 27 Level 125
Level 8 Level 30 Level 18 Level 80 Level 28 Level 130
Level 9 Level 35 Level 19 Level 85 Level 29 Level 135
Level 10 Level 40 Level 20 Level 90 Level 30 Level 140

However this is not the final cap you can reach on your esper. You can use a Esper Ascension Orb to unlock more of your Esper's potential. It is normal that it goes down in level, as Ascended espers require more proficiency per level. Level 35 is the maximum level for an Ascended character's Esper.

Esper Owner Proficiency Esper Owner Proficiency Esper Owner Proficiency
Under 10 Min Lv 15 16180 Level 20 Level 65 7660 Level 30 Level 115 17270
Level 11 Level 20 3390 Level 21 Level 70 8190 Level 31 Level 120 21740
Level 12 Level 25 3940 Level 22 Level 75 8750 Level 32 Level 125 25470
Level 13 Level 30 4350 Level 23 Level 50 9330 Level 33 Level 130 32340
Level 14 Level 35 4780 Level 24 Level 85 9920 Level 34 Level 135 50570
Level 15 Level 40 5220 Level 25 Level 90 10550 Level 35 Level 140
Level 16 Level 45 5680 Level 26 Level 95 11240
Level 17 Level 50 6160 Level 27 Level 100 11970
Level 18 Level 55 6630 Level 28 Level 105 12840
Level 19 Level 60 7130 Level 29 Level 110 13900
  • It takes 167810 proficiency to get from level 1 to level 30 (max unascended).
  • It takes 315200 proficency to get from level 1 to level 35 (max ascended).


Cleansing allows you to reset an Esper or skyblade to an ownerless state. You are unable to cleanse an item that you already own, it has to be someone else's possession. To cleanse an Esper or skyblade, you will need a Cleanse Stone. Take the stone and the item to the Esper Mystic. Select the ‘Cleanse’ option, drag the Esper into the slot, and click on ‘Start’

In addition to resetting the owner, the Esper will lose all of its levels, but will keep all of its stats, bloodsmelt work and its grade.

  • Only the owner of an item can perform certain actions on it, such as Catalyze.


This option allows you to strengthen your Esper in various ways.

  • You can improve the rank of your Esper's Default Skill, max rank is 3.
  • You can add additional Green Stats ontop of your Esper's white attributes.
  • You can raise the cap of your Esper's White stats.
  • You can add/modify faction Skills on your Esper.

Depending on the desired result, is the item you choose to use.

  • Tawen Gem Changes at random your Esper's type and number of faction skills. Has a chance to change your Esper's skill level.
  • Perfect Tawen Gem Works just like a Tawen Gem, but you have the opportunity to Accept or Decline changes
  • Jade Scriptures Changes the skill rank to 3, but will only allow 2 Esper skill slots.

  • Dragon StonePermanently increase an Esper's Min Attack utmost value and overall maximum.
  • Imperial Stone Permanently increase an Esper's Max Attack utmost value and overall maximum.
  • Bloodspirit Stone Permanently increase an Esper's HP and overall maximum.
  • Glory Stone Permanently increase an Esper's SP and overall maximum.
  • Tiger Stone Permanently increase an Esper's Stun RES and overall maximum.
  • Bear Stone Permanently increase an Esper's Weaken RES utmost value and overall maximum.
  • Flyshadow Stone Permanently increase an Esper's Silence RES utmost value and overall maximum.
  • Serpent Stone Permanently increase an Esper's Paralyze RES utmost value and overall maximum.
  • Windsong Stone Permanently increase an Esper's Sleep RES utmost value and overall maximum.

NOTE: These can only be used 10 times each per Esper. And the results might only be visible after the esper is bloodsmelted over Precious Quality

  • Rage Orb Used to increase an Esper's Attack. Can be purchased at Esper Mystic.
  • Blood Orb Used to increase an Esper's Health. Can be purchased at Esper Mystic.
  • Fiend Orb Used to increase an Esper's Spirit. Can be purchased at Esper Mystic.
  • Radiant Orb Gives you a chance to increase a random Resistance of your Esper.
  • Essential Dragon Orb Works like Radiant Orb, but has a higher success chance.

NOTE: Only the owner of the Esper may complete the Assimilation with Radiant Orb and Essential Dragon Orb. The Esper must be LV35. Max values:

  • Esper Polish Reveals unlocked faction skills.
  • Platinum Jade Changes only the quantity of faction skills at random.
  • Cipher Crystal You can exchange Exchange this for a Faction Gem at the Tree of Wealth in Sunstream City. These Gems will cause your esper to contain skills only of the respective faction.

Depending on the grade of the faction skills, the esper could have skills marked as [Unlearned]. Just level up your esper to gain the respective effect.

  • Secrets of Gem Used at Jadeon Guardian Tyr to trade for Esper Tier1 to Tier4 skill scrolls.
  • Mysteries of Gem Used at Jadeon Guardian Tyr to trade for Esper Tier5 skill scrolls.

NOTE: Using these scrolls given by Tyr will cause one of your current Esper faction skills to be replaced.

Faction Skills

Here is a list of all the respective faction skills that can be randomly assigned to your esper:

Jadeon Skills Skysong Skills Lupin Skills Vim Skills Modo Skills Mage Skills
Blade Dash Mojon Tamer Cloudbreaker Windrunner Fiendish Bone Spark
Frozen Curse Lion's Roar Part Water Furious Chop Arsenopyrite Double Star
Thunderfist Recitation Love's Snare Magma Blade Spectre's Paw Spectre
Frostblade Muscle Control Mist Glacier Edge Soaked Earth Shining Star
Furious Strike Wisdom of Scriptures Thicken Blood Counter Tide Soul Gnash Guardian
Bladebreaker Diamond Sutra Flying Petals Spite Chaotic Whirlwind Spirit Spell
Ancient Ice Sea of Sorrow Overwhelm Lightning Flash Malignant Erosion Thread of Sky
Storm Cloud Self-Destruct Hazy Blur Frenzied Strike Verbal Assault Fire Slay
Crescent Moonblade Glowing Aura Lovesickness Steadfast Strike Death's Charm Obstacle
Refined Vigor The Four Elements - Fire Seductive Brush Demonfire Worn Evil Pyroessence
Harsh Reality The Four Elements - Wind Dance of the Butterflies Vampire Bite Curse Violent Breeze Flame Soul
Frenzied Edge Lotus Pluck Mountain Song Cherub's Dance Ghost of the Wronged Fire Protection
Five Thunders Sukhavati Incantation Gentle Deception Divine Inspiration Snake Bind Chained Spirit
Astral Traveler The Six Cycles Fallen City Djinn Fire Bonesmelt Stinger Fire Lord
Divine Execution Karmic Cycle Acid Rain Infatuation Surprise Assault Chained Soul
Dance of Winter Passage of Salvation Jeden Shadow Rage of Tireseus Sand Screen Flame Mountain
Ice Barrier Sayings of Bodhi River Dweller Tyrant Slayer Spiritual Charm Blaze of Janos
Nameless Technique Immeasurable Truth Sunset Gather Spirit Flesh Burn Fire Hell
Spear of Tushin Fawin Wisdom Cold Disposition Dragonfury Vile Edict Zhurong Scroll
Nature's Mystery The 10,000 Things Forgotten Dream Mad Spiral Forest of Laughter Nanwu Fire
Dragon's Retribution Sorrow's Blessing Scent of Darkness Sangjo Array Kangba Extinction Sinful Abyss
Embodiment of Truth High Aspirations Frozen Memories Mohun Juma Self-Righteousness Jadesun Inferno
Pure Essence Tainted Scripture Blessing of Spring Clever Rebuttal Dance of Chaos Dragonfire
Thunderblade Spiritual Exchange Shadow of Hope Dawn's End Sky Seeker
Balo Skills Arden Skills Rayan SKills Celan Skills Voida Skills Forta Skills
Hard Blow Phoenix Arrow Onslaught Soundblade Silk Starry Nirvana Earthen Will
Furious Roar Wolf Fang Arrow Wind Cut Soundblade Shining Cloud Boundary Wind Thunder Strike
Ordeal Starlight Sting Intrusion Sonata of Grief Shadow Travel Drunk World
Tailslip Burning Venom Blood Poison Tone of Elegance Earthly Nirvana Soul Song
Scoff Fast as Wind Melted Shadow Soundblade Crimson Heavenly Nirvana Rest Spell
Firey Flame Blood Arrow Steal Raid Soundblade Cliff Bright Nirvana Sky·Appearance
Thunderbolt Flash Arrow Ghost Cut Tone of the Fountain Earthly Revenge Earth·Appearance
Dark Injury Lightning Switch Instant Slay Strings of Amazement Heavenly Survival Wolf Killing
Blood Drip Ether Bind Tremble Tone of Meditation Hidden Fragrance Sad Parting
Penetrator Tranquility Substitute Song: Flyer Attraction Clean Air Truth
Mountain Wind Moonlight Strike Hunt Raid Soundblade Mosaic Meteor Nirvana Sky·Essence
Tiger Roar Devilbash Arrow Thunder Cut Soundblade Storm Lotus Blink Earth·Essence
Harsh Taunt Billow Break Sudden Blow Blinding Moonshine Lotus Flight Soul Doom
Twisting Dragon Whisker Tiger Ghost Veil Tone of Rivers Earthly Stability Dragon Strike
Shatterer Dreamlike Song Teeth Raid Song: Serpent Dance Heavenly Nature Lightning Spell
Reinforce Fire Aggression Dragon Cut Soundblade Dragon Nether Nirvana Arcanum Soulshield
Song of Antipathy Flame Stream Bloody Chop Tone of Ancestor Earthly Evernight Veil of the Void
Sky Rift Dragon Stun Nerve Pinch Soundblade Emperor Heavenly Prosperity Galaxy Fall
Slaughter Solaris Fall Empathy Void Tone of Winter Dark Despair Dragonhunter
Blade Breaker Lost Soul Celestial Slay Song: Spring Nights Bright Brilliance Spectre Existence
Blade Swinger Mountain Dweller Flash Reel Song: Snow of Purity Extreme Firmament Judge of Life
Powerful Aid Cloud Dweller Shadow Dance·Ultima Blow: Journey Beginning Last Judgment Universe Quake
Ancient Soul Eloquence Lord Shadow Return Heavenly Echoes Ninth Circle Ancestral Spirit
Durable Fighter Incarnation Switch Blow: Petals Drop Seventh Heaven Demonic Fury
Kytos Skills Psychea Skills Hydran SKills Seira Skills Gevrin Skills Sylia Skills
Iron Cutter Mecha: Toxin Golden Seal Windy Pine Teasing Branch
Ruse: Lure Free Wander Drifting Echo Sun's Fury Petal Dream
Trample Wild Fog Red Sky Chant Yin's Whisper Valley of Fear
Obstacle Trigger: Bomb Piercing Bolt Leaf Storm Dark Straw
Haste Order Summon: Miasma Moonshot Hereafter Wind Sleeve
Pathfinder Smart Words Wavedancer Petal's Bind Elapsed Age
Hunt Order Mecha: Charring Impervious Sand Waltz Forest Trek
Darkened Sun Clockwork: Maze Emperor's Battlecry Shroud of Flake Wind Speed
Spearhead Clockwork: Ember Hall of Sparrows Charming Pollen Pearl Drop
Differentiation Substitution Crossed Streams Dawn Break Black Ink
Sky's Doom Caligraphy Shifting Constellation Wind of Sunset Crane Silhouette
Charge Order Mecha: Wave Luna Gale Jade Cloud Autumn Frost
Sacred Jail Vortex Smokescreen Shroud of New Green Frost Show
Blood Blade Fine Literature Leaping Dragon Might of the Wind Maple Gaze
Ruse: Flank Summon: Flood Three Great Changes Farewell For One Yearning Lotus
Extermination Sky Castle Dragonrest Shoal Flurry Fury White Flight
Kirin Advent Mecha: Suffering Reflection of Light and Shadow Nether Blossom Iron Glacier
Charred Land The Way Patsy Apricot's Bestow Maritime Sleep
Last Stand Daydream Moonfall Cloud Swiper Wave Seeker
Floodsurge Summon: Flora Aquatic Seal Siphon Energy Focused Freeze
Overwhelming Smart Addition Celestial Majesty Spirit Passenger Darkened Heaven
Tyranny Mecha: Torrent Cataclysmic Force Swan Strike Rain Listener
Outrageous Scale Clockwork: Earth Rift Meteor Shower Montem Dance Aimless Endeavor
Death's Volition Summon: Heaven Che'kun Ricochet Late Reflection
Ceros Skills Imperia Skills Ashura SKills



Esper Skill Fushion can be used to change the number and type of an Ascended Esper's Skill Effects. This allows the creation of Unique Espers.

  • Place the Main Asc Esper, the secondary Asc Esper (which is consumed after Fusion) and the Esper Fusion Manual as Medium.

After fusion, both Espers become one and the new Esper takes on all the stats of the main Esper. The new Esper's Ascended Skill effects are drawn randomly from the main and secondary esper skill effects. Up to 8 Skill effects can be inherited.
Note: You can choose whether to accept or Reject the results.


Ascended Espers can inherit up to 4 different skills of a pre-ascended Esper apart from the Esper Original Skill. So 5 in total.

  • Put the Ascended Esper as Main, the Pre-asc Esper as Secondary (along with its respective Tome and Accesory).

Once you finish the process the esper, the secondary esper, tome and accesory will be consumed. The New Esper will inherit the Secondary Esper's skill.
Note: This process cannot be reverted, the level of Secondary Esper skill will be increased by 2 thank to the Tome and Accesory. To inherit a lv5 skill, make sure your secondary Esper's skill is lv3.

After the first time you can repeatedly inherit skills from other Espers however, any of the main skills has a chance of being replaced during inheritance.

Tome and Accesory

List of Espers


Human Trigram
Faction Tier 1 Tier 3 Tier 4 Tier 5
Jadeon Union Mirror Nova Sword Phoenix Soul Icy Stiletto
Skysong Orb of Luck Golden Wand Mental Peace Mihos' Wheel
Vim Pandora Box Spirit Flag Spiritsphere Hand of Vim
Lupin Shock Bells Serene Orb Charming Lotus Wushu Spirit
Modo Blood Jade Ominous Aura Scarab Jar Demon Torch
Incense Mage Bright Seal Judge Ruler Fire Jade Frost Stinger


Athan Colorful Gem
Faction Tier 1 Tier 3 Tier 4 Tier 5
Arden Fervent Sheet Soul Incense Shadowy Mirror Devine Tales
Balo Furybeast Banner Bloodmaple Spear Fortin Spark Ruthlen Sword
Rayan Chish Hydran Taen Dark Shade
Celan Melody Conch Gust Watcher Lotus Light Jasper Eagle
Voida Crimson Banner Crocskin Drum Long-lost Gold Royal Treasure
Forta Tektites Ancient Lock Yin Yang Buckle Emperor Bell


Etherkin Astral Lantern
Faction Tier 1 Tier 3 Tier 4 Tier 5
Psychea Starry Path Wood Rhollo Jade Gilded Plume Redstar Flame
Kytos Glimpse Survivor Thunderclap Soul Catch
Hydran Immemorial Order Baneful Dagger-axe Astral Helbard Orientive Battle-axe
Seira Jade Maiden Lantern Ice Jade Kettle Emerald Sky Canon Hard Stone
Gevrin Gorgeous Lantern Sunny Mirror Lunar Kettle Slimshadow Glass
Sylia Cherished Brush Ink Stick Enthralling Bamboo Jeweled Inkstone


Deikin Sapphire Case
Faction Tier 1 Tier 3 Tier 4 Tier 5
Ceros Cinnabar Epistle Graceful Panpipe Crimson Sword Lunar Bow
Imperia Flying Tiger Hook Smashing Cloud Fan Dragon Punch Nine Stars Ruler
Ashura Floating Astrolabe Ideal Knot Wishing Scepter Dream Devouring Chime


Generic Espers Gallery

Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4 Tier 5
Gambler Cube Earthen Fan Yin Yang Orb Dragon Mark
Noxious Cauldron Golden Gourd Dragon Wheel
Chi Bottle Dragon Crown Death Wand
Ruby Pagoda Soul Lantern Sinister Orb
Lunar Brooch Fan of Bard Soul Scepter
Anan's Secret Chaos Amulet
Gem Aquatica
Spirit. Banner
Focused Hate
Dragon Wheel
Heartrending Flower
Dragon Smash Sword
Lupin Bell