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Types of Chi

There are two different typs of Chi, one for PvP and one for PvE which you can tell the difference apart with their Stars in their names. The PvP Chi has a Closed Star (★) and the PvE Chi has the Open Star (☆). Not just that, but the PvP Chi gives you more attack and defense orientated stats whereas the PvE Chi gives you Damage Reduction from attacks.


This Chi can be upgraded at the Award Manager in Sunstream City [525, 547] or Old Sunstream [195, 74], as well at Ki Lenn in Archaia [-538, 142] or Old Sunstream [94, 146].

Grand Tolerance Ticket

You can only obtain the items to upgrade you Chi of Nirvana ★ and above is at the Award Manager. You must bring your Chi and Respectie coupon to Divine Master npc in Seat of Chaos or Old Sunstream to upgrade.

Deity Spirit Essence

You can obtain Deity Spirit Essence at Jade Exchange Maiden. Bring your ★Chi of Nirvana★★★ and Deity Spirit Essence to Divine Master NPC in Seat of Chaos or Old Sunstream to upgrade.


This Chi can be found in Taisung the Tao's exchange in Jadeon.

Other Chis

Bestial Chi is one of the lottery specific Chis that you can get in the game. And is acquired by opening the Second of the Six Subtleties or the Chi Pack from the Jade Exchange Girl in Sunstream City [487, 575] or Old Sunstream [201, 62].